Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer's Telematch - Event Review

We at the Jordanian Romanian Forum for Culture are happily announcing you with pride the success of the latest activity we have held, entitled: “Summer's Telematch” which was held last Friday, August 29th at the Jubilee Schools.

Over 150 people enjoyed the outdoor activity and the show, cheering their teams, enjoying the nice summery weather and atmosphere, and winning great prizes.

5 teams have competed in the telematch games, The JRFC team, the Jubilee School team, the Bishop School team, ProgressSoft's team, and Aspire team (a team formed from the public). And competed hardly in a variety of funny games that involved team work as well as funny situations with water balloons, frozen T-shirts and more. The Winning Team, ProgressSoft's team, was also rewarded the championship cup. And various prizes along with all the other participating teams.

The entire show was hosted and transmitted LIVE on air through Radio Sawt Al-Madina 88.7 FM, the most dynamic and growing radio station in Jordan, which was the official Media Sponsor of the event, and entertained the public with Great Arabic, Western, and Romanian Fresh Music to be broadcasted for the 1st time ever on Jordanian Radio Stations. And not to forget their great hosts, Muhannad Shahwan and Rawan Khalifeh who hosted the entire show and made the atmosphere funnier for the teams.

Along with the free caps, T-Shirts and drinks provided by Radio Sawt Al-Madina, respectively Proud Juices. The public and the participants enjoyed over 70 gifts from the sponsors of the event, McDonalds, 4D Cinema Mecca Mall, Balalino and many others.

For those who missed the event, we always love to tease you with nice pictures from the event. CLICK HERE TO SEE :)

The event was also featured on Al-Madina Newspaper:


Rania said...
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Rania said...

It was a very NICE & STRESSING day for me ;p
but am glad eveybody had fun with the games!!!
Mabrook for Nasim & his team
& mabrook for Rabah for winning ONE game for the forum!!! Goal sharaf! ;)

Karmen said...

Good for you guys
you know what! I am really proud to hear such great news about the forum despit the fact that these days I am in KSA and wished I could be with you .
Badria Qasem :P Karmen is my nickname

Mamdouh said...

What a pity! I missed all the fun!
I hope you all had great time and hope to see you all soon!